Aloha and welcome to my website. I am Lani Ma’a Lapilio, an attorney and the owner/principal of Aukahi Consulting, a cultural resource consulting firm.

Responsible developers who want to work in Hawai’i should take the time to understand Native Hawaiian culture and history and the historic preservation laws before planning their project. Taking a proactive approach will help to achieve timely and successful completion of their project. By undergoing this educational process and by demonstrating a willingness to learn about and respect Native Hawaiian cultural values and practices, trust and openness will be established helping to make discussions more cooperative and productive. My work involves advising and assisting individuals, native Hawaiian organizations, businesses and government agencies on issues relating to historic preservation advocacy and compliance with a special emphasis on the protection of ancestral burials that are discovered in the course of ground disturbance for development projects.

Aukahi was founded in 2001 on the principles of integrity, leadership, reliability, and hard work. We strongly encourage stewardship of the historical, cultural, and natural resources within the communities we live in and serve.

We invite you to learn more by contacting us.

Mahalo, Lani

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